Why Many Programs WORSEN Muscle Imbalances and Posture + a Simple and Effective Corrective Exercise To Fix Common Shoulder Posture Issues

There’s a lot of training programs out there that can be found on the internet that are REALLY bad.

It seems like everyone on the web is offering a workout routine of their own now.

You can get long workout plans from websites like bodybuilding.com, tnation.com, and directly from people on social media.


There are often time major issues with these programs and that is due to the fact that they almost ALWAYS worsen muscle imbalances and distort posture.

I’m not making this post just to knock down other programs for fun.

I’m making this post because this is how I found myself riddled with muscle imbalances and injuries, and this is also the reason why many of the clients I now work with had to stop training themselves.

I literally just received an email this morning from someone that wants to work with me because she has hurt her knee following a workout she got from bodybuilding.com.

Check out the video below where I discuss this further AND show you a really effective stretch and strengthening movementthat you can perform on your shoulders!


Leave me a comment down below this video and share YOUR story about working out on one of these types of programs. Did you have a good or bad experience? I’ll personally respond to each comment I receive here πŸ™‚

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