Intelligent Strength Program

Muscle imbalances, poor posture, and joint problems holding you back in your workouts?

Ready to fix that can get into the best shape of your life?


“Each time I leave the gym I feel more free and mobile than when I entered. I am feeling stronger, have better endurance, and have more energy overall. My back pain and posture have also both improved significantly. It feels great to be active again!” 

-DiJuan, Michigan
“I’m two months into ISP and this is the most balanced and well thought out workout plan I’ve ever followed! So happy I decided to take the plunge and get this course!”
-Jerry, Chicago
“The high volume routine, and simple diet structure is super comprehensive and easy to follow. The overall look and feel of the program with the green theme and video instructions is VERY helpful too. I’d recommend this program to anybody looking to get into shape, not just people with posture problems…”
-Christina, Kansas
“ISP changed my life! At least half of the exercises in the plan I have never done before. To be honest, some of them took me a while to learn how to do properly, but boy am I glad that I stuck with it! I’m two months into ISP and have lost 30 lbs already by following Blake’s genius structure. Also, posture and joint health hasn’t felt this good since I was in my twenties and I’m almost 40. Getting ready for phase 3 on the program which is the final one (he has 3 phases in ISP). Can’t wait to finish up and see where I’m at!”
-Matt, Sydney


How is the program delivered? The program is delivered via PDF upon check out. Everything you need for the course is contained within this document. The program will be available to download instantly upon purchase.


What exactly do you get on the program? You are getting 3 month’s worth of strength training workouts (designed for weight loss and muscle gain) that combine lots of foam rolling, stretching, deep core strengthening, and corrective exercise. You are also getting comprehensive nutrition and supplementation guidellines along with a support group for the program.


What is your refund policy? If you don’t like the program or if you are for whatever reason dissatisfied with it within the first two weeks then you can just email me and I’ll give you a complete refund no questions asked. I want you to be happy with your investment, and I simply don’t want your business if you are not!


What equipment is needed to participate in the program? Your standard gym (private or commercial) should have all of the equipment needed for the program. Here’s a comprehensive list though: bodyweight (you), barbells, dumbbells, adjustable bench, squat/power rack, open floor space, resistance bands, stability ball, and a cable machine are all required.


Will I be able to print off the program? Yes. The program will be delivered via PDF file so you can go ahead and print this if you would like. Keep in mind though that the PDF document also has embedded videos in it for the exercises and you will not be able to print these obviously. However, I did include written exercise descriptions as well, so even without the videos you will still know what to do.


How is Intelligent Strength different from other programs? Intelligent strength is not just a 3 month long strength training program, but an entire training system. ISP includes nutritional modifcations, supplementation, self massage, stretching, foam rolling, HIIT cardio, and corrective exercise all integrated into one, fully comprehensive program. Most programs have 1-2 of these elements, but not all of them.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. Factors such as adherence to the program, commitment, and lifestyle all influence client outcomes. The testimonial videos, before-and-after images, and written reviews on this page are voluntarily provided by real clients who have used the coaching services of GuerrillaZen Fitness LLC. They reflect individual client outcomes and are not claims or guarantees. It is recommended you speak with your doctor before applying for coaching with GuerrillaZen Fitness LLC. Testimonial videos and images were captured in person, via Zoom conversation, or client submission. The written reviews are screen shots from the GuerrillaZen Fitness Facebook Page. Pricing for coaching services is customized based on individual client needs and will be provided in a personalized proposal after an initial consultation call.