Inflammation Solution

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Struggle with INFLAMMATION, achy joints, low energy, and a bad mood?

Let’s fix that.  This guide will teach you:

  • When inflammation is GOOD vs BAD
  • What causes inflammation
  • How to STOP inflammation in its tracks when you don’t want it

This guide is crucial for anyone that exercises or just wants to live the healthiest life possible.


Inflammation Solution is the only guide you will ever need to learn about inflammation and how to control it.

In the first section we review the different types of inflammation

  • Acute (good) inflammation
  • Chronic (bad) inflammation

We describe what happens when your body is inflamed and WHY it became inflamed in the first place.

In the second half of this guide we go over a variety of strategies to stop inflammation in its tracks.  We include detailed instruction on:

  • Lifestyle factors that you can modify
  • Meditations and other activities that control inflammation
  • Nutritional strategies that you can use to immediately REDUCE the inflammatory load on your body

It’s pretty simple.

If you are human being and you live in a polluted society with a food system that promotes inflammation like no other (which you likely do) then you need Inflammation Solution to help guide your way and determine the bet route forward!

5 reviews for Inflammation Solution

  1. Blake Bowman

    This is the best product ever for inflammation issues 🙂

  2. Kristen Ellsworth

    I’ve had terrible bloating for the last few years, and I couldn’t pinpoint the problem. The Inflammation Solution helped me completely eliminate my bloating, it helped me go to the bathroom more regularly, and my stomach is so flat now! I feel slim and energetic. I also bought this for my grandma with arthritis, and she has less pain in her joints. Thank you!

  3. Tina Gobato

    My shoulder and hip have bothered me for years, but they are feeling much better now that I’ve cut out my inflammatory foods and started taking the turmeric. Stuff doesn’t taste all that great though Blake!

  4. George Thermopos

    I’m a client of Blake’s and I won’t lie, I just downloaded this because he told me it would help me. Haven’t looked through it yet, but looks very nice!

  5. John Chico

    I’ve learned so much from this already and I’m only half way through. What kind of supplemental turmeric do you recommend blake? Any specific brands?

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