Zen Blend Medicinal Drink

Do you wake up feeling stressed & anxious and immediately grab a morning cup of coffee in order to get moving?

Are your days filled with racing thoughts, a million things to do, meetings, long hours, and daily chaos?

Here’s the thing, coffee, alcohol, and recreational drugs can often times make these things worse.

Zen Blend contains many powerful “adaptogenic” medicinal mushrooms and herbs that may help with this. Adaptogens are herbal compounds that boost the bodies resiliency towards stress and they also promote balance.

From $60

  • Nature Sourced Bliss: Calm the mind and body and support your resiliency to stress and life’s daily chaos
  • Mood Boost: Elevate your state first thing in the morning to take the edge off the day
  • Calm & Focused Energy: Relaxed, focused, and sustainable energy with no stimulants
  • Chill Out: Step into your power by calming the brain and soothing the spirit

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