Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali is a powerful root extract from Malaysia popular with athletes and men over 35 looking for added support of optimal T levels. In clinical studies on mice, scientists discovered that supplementing with Tongkat Ali increased their T by up to 440%!

$39.99 – $44.99

  • Increases steroidogenesis… which boosts sex hormones, especially free T.
  • Stimulates DHEA (a critical hormone that’s necessary for balanced male hormones)
  • Has high levels of nitric oxide which “acts as a mediator, together with prostaglandin, to promote bone formation and suppress bone resorption”.
  • Fights oxidative stress and free radicals that are causing osteoporosis. Tongkat Ali is filled with antioxidants that scavenge and destroy free radicals.

Blake’s Thoughts:  One of THE most powerful herbs that is proven to boost testosterone in men.

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