Somnifix Mouth Strips

During sleep, the mouth falls open, the jaw drops, and the tongue falls backwards. This creates an obstacle at the top of the airway that disrupts nose breathing and leads to mouth breathing, open-mouth snoring, and CPAP non-compliance.

The key to getting high-quality, silent sleep is simple. Close your mouth, and breathe through your nose. SomniFix Strips make that easy. SomniFix Strips improve CPAP compliance, reduce open-mouth snoring, and improve your sleep quality even if you don’t snore or use a CPAP.

From $21.99

  • Promote nose breathing
  • Reduce snoring
  • Increase CPAP Compliance
  • Improve sleep quality

Blake’s Thoughts: One of the most simple things you can do to enhance sleep, reduce stress, retain hydration, and slow down cellular oxidation during sleep.  It also helps stop snoring.

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