Private Personal Training

Our Most Customized Plan

Private personal training sessions are the most customized and individualized workouts that we offer at GuerrillaZen (Chesterfield’s private personal training studio). We take the following into consideration when designing our workouts:

  • Sports performance enhancement
  • Biometric improvement (blood pressure, heart rate, lung capacity, etc…)
  • Postural requirements & corrective exercise
  • Strength improvement
  • Endurance and stamina improvement
  • Weight loss goals

Remember, these workouts are designed exclusively on an individual, one-on-one basis. No two persons will experience the same workout.

The Training

Sessions typically last for one hour and blend hard with soft training. Each and every workout will differ from the last. A sample workout is shown below:

  • Chi gung, treadmill, and foam roll warm-up (10 min)
  • Circuit Training w/ TRX suspension, kettle bells, and battle ropes (15 min)
  • Powerlifting w/ dead lifts, squats, presses, pulls (15 min)
  • Focused core training + possible corrective exercises if needed (10 min)
  • Foam roll and resistance stretching (10 min)

Sessions will be tailored to meet your goals, whether that means improving your marathon finish time, becoming stronger for your upcoming competition, preventing injuries, or simply seeking to look and feel better.

What You Get

The benefits of personal training include the following:

  • Unlimited class access
  • The most customized workouts that we offer
  • Private training atmosphere with no distractions
  • Individual attention from a certified professional
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your first month with us

When sessions are purchased in conjunction with, or after a posture analysis, they become even more customized. The analysis will help us to integrate corrective exercises into your workout to make it even more effective!


The Best Candidates

  • People seeking the most one-on-one attention and a private workout atmosphere are great candidates for personal training
  • Serious athletes looking for very specialized improvement and those requiring a lot of corrective exercise will also find this to be their best match
  • Additionally, beginners with no experience with resistance training typically find this to be a good place to start


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