Ozone Smart Laundry System

The O3Waterworks Smart Laundry System uses ozone to clean and sanitize your clothes and bedding. It doesn’t require hot water, saving you money on energy, and can eliminate the need for expensive detergents, helping your wallet and the environment.


  • Features a self-regenerating desiccant dryer pack that never needs to be replaced.
  • Audio feedback of features.
  • 304 stainless steel case, plumbing fittings, and hose.
  • LED multi-color display (touch screen)
  • Back-lit ozone mixer window sight.
  • No styrofoam or plastics in packaging.
  • No need to buy cartridges or filters.
  • Compatible with steam dryers.
  • One year warranty

Blake’s Thoughts:  This is attached to my washing machine.  I don’t even use detergent.  Just this machine (which plugs into the water intake) and baking soda.

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