PERSONAL TRAINING:  We are offering the insane deal of purchasing 5 private personal training sessions at our private studio in Chesterfield for $125 (this comes out to $25/session).  5 sessions of this type normally will run you $325 so make sure YOU act now.

COACHING:  Interested in trying out coaching?  Well now you can enjoy 50% off your first month on any package.  This is also a pretty insane deal, but hey, we don’t normally offer things like this and we thought we would do it big.

CURRENT MEMBERS:  If you currently train with us at the studio (or if you are a coaching client already) then mention that you saw this and you will get a little something special 😀


To take advantage of the deals above, simply contact us through one of the methods below (contact form, email, or phone) and tell us which deal you are interested in.

NOTE:  We need to hear from you between the 1st and then 7th to take advantage of this deal.

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49680 Gratiot Ave

Chesterfield, MI 48051

Right by Genysis Credit Union

Phone: 586.738.0472  eMail: [email protected]

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Mon – Saturday 5am-8pm.

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