Methylene Blue

Methylene blue has a long history of use in conventional medicine as a way to lower excess haemoglobin, treat urinary tract infections and as a remedy for cyanide poisoning. However, recent research is demonstrating that Methylene Blue offers many more potential health benefits, such as improvements in mitochondrial and cognitive health.

£14.99 – £39.99

  • High purity Methylene Blue
  • 30ml and 100ml sizes
  • Purified Water used

Blake’s Thoughts:  This is actually a medical dye.  It’s a potent mitochondrial stimulator that help provide your cells with ATP energy.  It’s really a game changer for sustained energy, memory, learning, etc… I will personally add about 10 drops of this to a glass of water and simply drink it.  Like other things in this section though…it doesn’t taste good.

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