Hydrogen Inhalation and Drinking System

The made in the USA Promolife H2 Hydrogen System is an ideal way to inhale hydrogen and oxygen or drink hydrogen-rich water.


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  • Hydrogen production = 567ml/minute
  • Oxygen production = 283ml/minute
  • 850ml/minute of mixed gas flow (hydrogen and oxygen)
  • Easy to use minute timer 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or Continuous
  • 110 volts (220 volt option available)
  • Can run 24/7 if needed
  • 10 ft power cord
  • Easy connect system
  • Fully cleanable
  • USA Made and assembled

Blake’s Thoughts:  Molecular hydrogen is a VERY powerful intracellular anti-oxidant.  I use this any time I’m ask my desk doing work on the computer.

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