Integrated Small Group Training

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Small group training consists of groups of 2-4 people that are looking for a highly customized workout (larger groups are accommodated upon request).

This workout involves the same styles of training as our one-on-one sessions, but it is more affordable, fun, and usually has a little bit of friendly competition.

Some studies have shown an increase in athletic performance and intensity when training in a group setting.

The Training

Group training sessions at GuerrillaZen are very similar to our one-on-one sessions. They utilize the same soft and hard training techniques ranging from compound power lifts and body weight calisthenics to tai chi cool downs and full body resistance stretching.

These sessions will feature many circuit and high intensity interval training types. Exercises may be refined and adjusted for individuals depending on postural needs and performance goals.

What You Get

The benefits of group training include:

  • Unlimited class access
  • Highly personalized exercise tailored to your needs
  • Nearly as effective as personal training at a fraction of the price
  • A fun atmosphere where it is easy to meet new, like minded individuals.
  • A sense of group camaraderie and competition
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your first month with us

With group training, you get the most bang for your buck. You will get a highly customized, safe, and effective workout while training with friends and family.

The Best Candidates

Group training is best for the following:

  • Sports teammates
  • Friends + family
  • Training partners
  • People seeking others to challenge them

Additionally, it is substantially more affordable than personal training, making it perfect for people on a budget.

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