Posture & Movement Assessment


What will this do for me?

  1. You will learn EXACTLY where you have muscle imbalances
  2. You will discover precisely what joints are in need of mobility and stability work
  3. You will be armed with the knowledge to create YOUR OWN corrective exercise routine

You will send me postural pictures before the call.  During the call (held on skype video chat) I will discuss your frustrations, injuries, and goals with you.  After that I will take you through a comprehensive movement screen to identify your dysfunctions.  At the end of the call I will go over everything that I noticed in your body with you so that you UNDERSTAND what needs to be done.

NOTE:  After purchasing this assessment, make sure to send me pictures of yourself from the SIDE, FRONT, and BACK.  You can email them to [email protected]  Be as relaxed as possible with no tension in your muscles.  Additionally, make sure your entire body is in the frame of the picture.