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Posture / Alignment Coaching

Posture REGULATES and CONTROLS every physiologic function in our bodies.

MAKE SURE your posture is working FOR YOU and NOT AGAINST you.


At GuerrillaZen Fitness
we specialize in following:

  • Online Coaching

  • Correcting Bad Posture

  • Fixing Muscular Imbalance

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Post Rehabilitation


We work with individuals who are looking for a more customized fitness experience.  Our unique & holistic perspective on physiology, structural integrity (posture), and corrective exercise allows us to craft a truly unique, customized, and highly effective training plan for YOU.  Correcting bad posture.  It’s not as hard as you think…


Most exercise programs assume you already have perfect posture, no history of injury, and great biomechanics (your ability to move properly).  We take all these things into consideration when working with clients.  Posture coaching is not just our area of expertise, but it is our passion and something that we have had a lot of experience with personally.

Get the inside scoop on our training!

“Naomi is down 40lbs so far and has been training with Blake for 6 months now. Well on her way to 100lbs lost!”

“I have lost over 100lbs by training with Blake and adopting a plant based diet over the last 6 months!”

“I was sick of being over weight and drinking all the time in college. A year after training with Blake I lost over 150 lbs! It was not easy, and much of it consisted of changing my diet, but I would never look back!”

“I have been training with Blake for a little over three months, and I have gotten a lot stronger and my muscles feel a lot more toned. I also have much more energy, and the pain in my shoulders that I used to feel at work has completely gone away.”

“Blake is the best trainer out there! He has really helped me improve my tennis game by doing sports specific training. I feel very prepared for my first year of college tennis.”

“My wife and I have been training with Blake for over a year now. We have both noticed considerable positive differences in our strength, posture, and overall health and wellness, which is why we still invest in training with him.”

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