Chesterfield's Brand New Private Fitness Studio

What we are all about

GuerrillaZen is a melting pot for individuals who are ready to get more out of their lives and training. We help people reconstruct themselves, bottom up, into top level performers.

Founded on the belief that there is no single best way to train, we strive to combine the prime aspects of a multitude of training and disciplinary backgrounds into our workouts.

We have taken a look at just about every technique out there, boiled them down to their essentials, and blended them into one.

How we are different

GuerrillaZen is a small, private fitness studio that delivers concrete results, unrelenting support for our clients, and a holistic approach to health.

We look at the entire picture to determine what is going to work best for YOU, and then we help you transform into the strongest version of yourself.  For more information click here.

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